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Training Program: How to Start Cycling

I like to think that biking is the new black, but I know I am in a minority. Here's why I shouldn't be: cycling is not only fun, it's great exercise and it will help you lose weight. Cruising on two wheels is much kinder to than knees than pounding the pavement in running shoes. If getting in shape is one of your goals for 2011, I say pedal your way to fitness.

Beginner Triathlete is a great fitness resource on the web, but even if you're not set on competing in a triathlon this year, the site can also help you get on your bike to get in shape. Take a look-see at this three-month cycling plan for beginners. The plan will raise your fitness level as it helps your lower your weight. The site recommends that you repeat the four-week plan for three months, and when you have a completed it you will be ready to train for a triathlon. Triathlon season starts in Summer and runs through early Autumn, so if you start today you will be ready to tackle tri training come Spring.

The first week of the workout totals just over three and half hours; with the fourth week schedule, you will be in the saddle for almost five hours. These workouts are not just meant for the road so you can get your cycling sweat on riding an indoor bike. For the interval workouts I suggest a flat bike path free of cars and other distractions. The only jargon you need to know to follow this plan is that "cadence" is cycling speak for revolutions per minute (RPM), or how many times one pedal makes a complete rotation in one minute.

Don't forget your helmet.

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ironmakeover ironmakeover 8 years
Triathlon is a great sport for all ages and abilities. Beginner Triathlete has lots of good information on it. My blog IronMakeover is all about encouraging triathletes. You'll find info to help you train for your first race, a fun list of what NOT to say on race morning and much more. Also check out a series on why you should give triathlon a chance in 2009. Happy training, Sara
Fitness Fitness 8 years
goatimpact, I prefer to do my intervals on flat road then I can focus on going fast and then recover. The hills where I live go on and on so the climb is a workout in itself. No intervals needed.
goatimpact goatimpact 8 years
I do want to get better at cycling but my bike computer doesn't specify RPMS. I suppose I could snag my husband's bike computer which calculates cadence and recalibrate it for my bike. Is it difficult to train with intervals when you live in a hilly area? Normally, I'm just struggling to get up the hills and I ignore my speed.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
this is something I'm kind of interested in trying. I keep thinking about trying spinning class too. I'd like to a get a new bike first though, as my $30 KMart bike is on it's last leg!
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