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Travel Tip: Stay Sane on the Plane

Flying can be one of the most stressful parts about the holiday season. Airplanes are hardly conducive to getting around and moving. Use these tips before and during flying to get the most of your flight:

  • Book a daytime arrival if possible. Once you arrive, do your best to drag yourself outside and do something active while it's still daylight — this should help you recover from jet lag much more quickly.
  • Book an aisle seat and walk the length of the plane every hour to prevent back strain, loosen your muscles, and get blood circulating.
  • It's no surprise that cabin air is super dry. To combat dehydration (which contributes to jet lag), drink a 16-oz. water before boarding. Then be sure to stay well hydrated in flight. I try to drink one small water bottle (airplane special size) every 30 minutes.


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