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Travel Tips for People Who Have Allergies

Travel Tips for the Allergic

Since the holidays are coming up, I'm sure many of you will be traveling to be with friends and family. Visiting other places is great, but if you suffer from allergies you might get stuck in an uncomfortable situation. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Don't forget to pack all the allergy medicine you need and take it as recommended by your doctor. Taking it before you start sneezing, wheezing, and itching may help prevent your symptoms from getting out of control.
  • Keep pocket tissues in your purse or jacket just in case your nose starts to run or you have a sneezing attack.
  • Bring your own pillow and pillowcase. Whether you're staying at your parents, in-laws, or a hotel, it's best to sleep on a pillow that you know you're not allergic to.
  • If you're staying at a house, make sure your hosts don't have any pets that set off your allergies. If they do, it might be best to make arrangements to stay somewhere else. Sad, but true.
  • Bring a plastic neti pot and salt in your suitcase. Using it in the morning and at night will help to cleanse your nose and sinuses, getting rid of any dust or dander that could trigger allergy symptoms.
  • Walk outside every day. Breathing fresh air can be really helpful in preventing an allergy attack.

If you have allergies, share your travel tips in the comments section below.


Join The Conversation
emalove emalove 9 years
Thanks for this, I have horrible allergies and I'm pretty much miserable for most of the year... Good tips.
geohiker geohiker 9 years
I find it's always a good idea to bring a stash of tissues, for those situations where you are surprised with something yyou are allergic to in your travels!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
That's me! The allergic!
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