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Treadmill Sprint Cardio Workout

Get It Up, Your Heart Rate That Is: Running With Sprints

Are you guilty of putting on cruise control while running on the treadmill 30 minutes without ever touching the resistance, incline or speed? I'll admit it — from time to time, I do this but in the end I always find it extremely boring. Instead of sticking to just one speed, try including a few quick high-speed intervals to your workout that are a sure way to really get your heart pumping.

Time Speed (mpr) Incline (%) Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)
00:00-05:00 3.0 1 1-3
05:00-09:00 5.0 1 4-7
09:00-10:00 6.0 1 8-10
10:00-14:00 5.0 1 4-7
14:00-15:00 6.5 1 8-10
15:00-19:00 5.0 1 4-7
19:00-21:00 7.0 1 8-10
21:00-25:00 5.0 1 4-7
25:00-30:00 3.0 1 1-3

Fit's Tip: If this is too easy or too hard, just adjust the speed to fit your level. If you want to do this workout while running outside, then use the RPE column to determine how fast you should be going.


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