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Triceps Dip Variation

Tone Your Arms With This Killer Triceps Dip Variation

I like working the back of my arms as much as the next gal, and while triceps dips are a classic exercise, they can get a little dull. In the Blockbuster Body fitness class at Equinox I learned a variation on this basic move, which is great for busybodies like me. Here's how to strengthen your triceps and work the rest of your body in the process.

  • Basic Start with five basic triceps dips, with fingers pointed toward your bum, hands shoulder distance apart, and feet hip width apart.
  • One leg Lift your left leg off the floor with toes pointed toward the ceiling. If your hamstrings are tight, just bring your left knee so it's even with your right. Do five dips with left leg up, then switch legs for five more dips.
  • One arm Keeping both feet on the ground, do your next five dips with your left arm off the ground. Reach toward the ceiling or to the side, whichever position feels more natural to you. After five dip, switch arms lifting your right arm up for five more reps.
  • One arm and one leg For your last 10 reps, lift opposite arm and leg as you come up from your dip, so as you straighten your elbow lift your right leg and left arm off the ground. Switch on your next rep. Use your abs to keep from swaying from side to side as you lift and lower your limbs. It helps to channel your inner Russian folk dancer to do this move.
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