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Try Cycling Calories If You Hit a Weight Loss Plateau

Diet Tip: Cycle Calories

The human body is amazing. We are highly adaptive creatures and our bodies work to create equilibrium. When you are dieting and eating 1200 calories a day, your body will adapt and figure out how to live off of 1200 calories. Great to know we are so evolved, but when you are trying to lose weight, this adaptive nature can work against you and all your hard dieting work. Just like you need to change the physical challenges in your workout by adding intervals to your cardio or increasing your weights when strength training, you need to mix up your daily caloric intake. You need to cycle your calories.

To see how to cycle your calories, just

To trick your body into losing weight, your need to toy around with your calorie consumption. If you have been losing weight eating 1400 calories a day, eat around that many calories for three days. On the fourth day eat 300 to 400 calories more. Make sure those calories come from healthy foods mixing protein, carbs and fat. Those extra calories should not come from nachos and beer.

Fit's Tip: Just to remind you that you need to eat at least 1200 calories a day to lose weight (if you eat less your body thinks there is a famine and holds onto all your excess energy stores just in case).


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