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The Twilight Diet

Are You On the Twilight Diet?

Have you heard about the Twilight diet? At first I thought it was a term Twilighters — aka die-hard Twilight fans — used to describe their voracious appetites for all things Edward and Bella — books, movies, pictures, life-size Robert Pattinson cutouts — but it's actually related to food. Twilight vernacular is everywhere, even in the world of health and fitness.

I've written a little about Taylor Lautner's quest to bulk up for New Moon. In order to be a believable Jacob the werewolf, the young star was in the gym every day for two hours to put on the needed 30 pounds of muscle. "I had to eat every two hours," says Lautner. "At one point, my trainer said, 'Put anything in your mouth. Go to McDonalds get the biggest shake possible. I just need to get calories in you.' Because my body fat at the time was only, like, 7.5 percent"

Lautner's fitness routine is what the urban dictionary calls the Twilight diet:

  • Person A: Yo man, I wanna get ripped.
  • Person B: Yeah man, follow the Twilight diet!

I wonder what Michael Phelps and Venus Williams would think if they knew they were on the Twilight diet while training, and didn't even know it?


To hear about the "other" Twilight diet


I was curious if the Twilight diet was actually being followed, and not only did I find out that it is, I also discovered that there is another diet with the same name — and it seemed to be at odds with the already mentioned Twilight diet! What's a fan to do?

In the first movie we are introduced to the Cullens, a family of vampires who resist their natural desire to feed on humans. This desire becomes even more exasperated when Edward Cullen falls in love with Bella, a human. Some Twilighters are using this narrative as a model of self-control in their own lives. If Edward and the rest of the Cullens can resist eating humans then they, the fans, can resist eating chocolate cake.

There are tons of posts on Twilight boards and blogs affirming that Twilight has been a catalyst for lifestyle changes. Apparently fans are so busy consuming everything Twilight, they have less time to eat. On top of this they are also adopting the Cullen's method of self-control. This combo has led to some serious weight loss — some fans have lost six pounds, while others claim 25.

I admit that the Twilight diet is an easy target, but you can also look at it as inspiration coming in many different forms. For some it's a vampire series that spawns a lifestyle change. Odd? Perhaps. But it's great to see people making choices for the better, whatever the reason.

Have you ever found inspiration from an unlikely source?

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