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Two Unexpected Ways to Be Kind to Your Teeth

Dental health is important for a variety of reasons, and the two that top my list are:

  1. When my teeth hurt, eating is painful and I like to eat.
  2. Dental work is expensive and I would rather spend my money on something fun.

Aside from the proactive activities of brushing and flossing, there are two rather surprising things you should avoid to help keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

Nail biting is the more obvious of the two tooth-damaging activities. It can wear down your teeth, aging them prematurely. Nail biting mainly stresses the front teeth. Not only are the front teeth the most visible ones in our mouth, these teeth were designed for cutting and not chewing and are not strong enough to be used constantly.

To see the other culprit,


Often considered health food, smoothies can actually do a doozy on your teeth. Smoothies often contain high levels of both sugar and acid – a combination that can lead to the decay of tooth enamel. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth immediately after drinking a smoothie can cause even more damage to the already weakened enamel. Your best bet is to brush your teeth prior to having a smoothie, but then I can't imagine it would taste very good.


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