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Types of Yoga Explained

Choose a Yoga Class That Fits Your Personality

You might hear non-yogis say, "I always wanted to take yoga but it's way too hot," or, "I could never do yoga because it's way too slow." There are so many different types of yoga that whatever your personality, one style will be right for you. If you've always wanted to hop on a mat, check out the chart below to see which kind of class would best fit your personality.

Type of Yoga Personality
Ashtanga Type A, competitive with yourself, high energy, can't sit still, strict, rigid, likes order, likes knowing the right and wrong way to do things, prefers repetition, needs to move in order to de-stress
Anusara Scientific, spiritual, interested in body alignment and how your body moves internally, introspective, creative, likes to use props, in touch with your emotions
Bikram Type A, extreme, over the top, needs discipline, loves heat, loves to sweat, craves order and strictness
Iyengar Strict, rigid, interested in body alignment, likes to be told the right and wrong way to do things, likes to use props
Kripalu Easygoing, slow moving, meditative, spiritual, introspective, needs calmness to de-stress
Kundalini Meditative, slow moving, spiritual, likes to be physically and mentally challenged, likes to focus on breath and chanting, interested in the chakras and awakening the energy (kundalini) that resides in the base of the spine
Jivamukti Spiritual, meditative, creative, likes to move, likes to be physically and mentally challenged, likes to chant, likes music played during class
Vinyasa Creative, spontaneous, up for a challenge, likes to move quickly, likes to sweat, likes music played during class
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Krystle15294128 Krystle15294128 3 years
Hm, not sure I agree with this article. When it comes to yoga, you should be seeking BALANCE (and I don't just mean physical balance). If you are someone that can't sit still, you should slow it down and balance out that part of yourself. Also, "competing with oneself" shouldn't be used to describe ANY style of yoga. Yoga is not about competing - it's about connecting the mind-body-spirit, becoming aware of the body, and letting go of judgement, ego, and competitiveness.
learningpoise learningpoise 4 years
I find this very interesting I didn't know yoga had a fit depending on the person. I guess the more you know. I have tried yoga before but found it too slow for me but maybe I'll go back and try one of the more active styles!
kcmosinki kcmosinki 7 years
hausfrau, I'd recommend vinyasa. There are set poses that you flow through and the class moves quickly enough that you won''t get bored but slow enough that you can get the stretchy/spiritual/relaxing benefits of yoga (and catch your breath id you need to). Just let your instructor know that you're new and they should pay extra attention to your form so you get the best out of the class and also to minimize injuries. with that said, I'm a fan of bikram and vinyasa yoga.
amber512 amber512 7 years
Ashtanga is definitely for me!
hausfrau hausfrau 7 years
i'm thinking of starting yoga but i don't like the slower types... i really like jillian's yoga meltdown DVD, what kind would be closest to that?
Sundown321 Sundown321 7 years
For me, I think this chart is correct! I like the strict disciplined yoga best and Bikram is my favorite! I would LOVE to see a chart like this for yoga DVDs. I am always wanting to buy one, but am afraid that I will wind up with something I won't want to use!
spacekitten spacekitten 7 years
This seems a little backward to me. If you're Type A and can't sit still, wouldn't it be healthier to slow things down?
cammies cammies 7 years
hmmm, i love bikram yoga but am NOT type a personality whatsoever. i do like to sweat though :)
soosixty soosixty 7 years
what about hathayoga?
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 7 years
I'm definitely Vinyasa, through and through! That's probably why I love it so much. :)
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