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What Kind of Yogi Are You?

May 25 2014 - 5:00am

Whether you grew up with a yoga-loving family or your tight hamstrings found it by necessity, there are as many different kinds of yogis as there are different styles of yoga. We've rounded up 14 different yogis — which one are you?

Source: Thinkstock [1]

The I-Was-Born-a-Pretzel Yogi

Source: Giphy [2]

The Bring-On-the-Heat Yogi

Source: Giphy [3]

The I-Only-Live-For-Yoga Yogi

The My-Studio-Is-My-Second-Home Yogi

Source: Pixar [4]

The Yoga-Makes-Me-Feel-Sexy Yogi

Source: Giphy [5]

The I'm-All-About-My-Yoga-Family Yogi

The Gym-Rat-Turned-Yogi

Source: Giphy [6]

The Yoga-Is-My-Religion Yogi

The I-Like-to-Do-My-Own-Thing Yogi

Source: Gifsoup [7]

The All-Day-Anywhere-Anytime Yogi

Source: Giphy [8]

The I'm-a-Runner-With-Tight-Hamstrings Yogi

Source: Giphy [9]

The I'm-More-Into-Yoga-Pants-Than-Yoga Yogi

Source: Giphy [10]

The Yoga-Is-My-Therapy Yogi

Source: Giphy [11]

The Is-It-Time-For-Savasana-Yet? Yogi

Source: Giphy [12]

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