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Tyra Banks and Her New BMI

Models have been in the news a lot lately. From fashion models starving themselves to ex-model Tyra Banks and her weight gain.

Regardless of what you think of her...I know some folks got turned off by her Geraldo journalistic expose, dressing up in a fat suit to prove how mean Americans are to the overweight. Seems a little ironic now. Tyra is taking this moment of criticism to demystify the manufactured beauty of print media. I find it more than refreshing to see a beautiful woman, clad in only a swim suit, point out her cellulite on untouched photographs. Watch the clip from her recent show until the end if you can (it is 8 minutes long...sorry, but it is NOT boring) for her emotional conclusion. She may seem a little self obsessed, but haven't we all been that way about our cellulite, or thighs, or belly at some point in our lives. We were lucky enough to do it in the privacy of our own homes.

FYI: Being 5'10" and weighing 160, Tyra's BMI is 23. That is in the optimal zone. If you are curious about your BMI, check out your sugar stats with the Fit Calculator.

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