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Uncomfortably Numb

Does this happen to you: About half way through your workout on a cardio machine, especially the elliptical or the arc trainer, your toes get numb?

If you suffer from toe numbness try these quick fixes:

  • Loosen up your laces. Give your toes enough room in the toe box (which is where your toes sit in a shoe) by lacing them loosely at the toes to allow for expansion.
  • Get fitted for a pair of sneakers so they are sized correctly. It is amazing how many people use sneakers that just don't fit them properly (usually too tight). If you go to a specialist, they can help you make sure you have the proper fit.
  • Stop only stepping on your tippy toes. Make sure to use your heels too, this way you keep the blood flow consistent. When using a cardio machine (like walking), your foot should roll through the step, heel striking first, roll through, push off with the toes. Think about it, if you only walked around on your toes all day, they'd get numb.

Fit's Tip: If your toes still go numb after making changes to your lacing, fit and stride, you may want to make an appointment to discuss this with your doctor or a podiatrist since it may be something more serious.

la_clique la_clique 10 years
Elliptical always makes my feet go numb, I guess I will pay more attention to how i'm stepping. That sucks, Mme Hart. Sounds like you did what you should have done, maybe the foot just didn't completely heal properly. I have no sports type injuries, but my shoulder pops and gets out of whack sometimes. My old PT could never figure it out!
DStirk DStirk 10 years
hum, mme hart. no idea. I always get numb feet when i ski, but i just assume that its cause you have to wear those boots so darn tinght that the blood flow is really limited.
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
I totally get this in my right foot and I don't know what to do about it. Maybe someone has a suggestion... I broke my foot a few years back in 7 different places across the top of the foot. It swells when I work out and I have properly fitted shoes and everything. I stop to loosen my laces half-way through, but this annoys me to no end! It doesn't get huge or gross or anything, but swells enough to make things tighter. Every sport I do causes this to happen and I can't no-being active. It doesn't hurt, it just goes numb... The foot did heal before I got back into exercise and I had a year of physiotherapy, but it bugs me. When I ski, I usually go down one run then make an adjustment to my boot to my newly swollen foot.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
The elliptical does this to me, but when I think about it, I do stay ont he balls of my feet...of course I have tendonitis in my heels so which should i stress? lol I'm all in.
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