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Unexpected Places to Work Out

Unexpected Places to Sneak in a Workout

Believe it or not, there are several unexpected places you can tighten and tone. If you don't have a gym membership or are looking for a way to mix it up, let surprising places like your couch and desk be the answer. With a little creativity, these workouts offer a quick, total-body challenge no matter your location.

  1. A hotel room: While working out may be last thing you want to do on vacation, it's easier than you think — all you need is your hotel room! This no-equipment hotel workout is perfect for a quick tone — no sneakers necessary. Combining Pilates with a few of those extra hotel towels will keep you in shape, even with jet lag.
  2. Your bed: Your bed isn't just for catching Zs, it can actually be the perfect piece of fitness equipment. Although basic, this strength-training series includes moves for toning your entire body and can easily be done before you head to work, or if you're out of town and need to stay in shape.
  3. The local high school: When school is out for Summer (or the afternoon), incorporate the running track into your workout routine. These stair exercises can be done at the stadium and are sure to sculpt your legs without the repetitiveness of the Stairmaster. Incorporate a few laps around the track and you're guaranteed a good sweat.
  4. Your couch: It's true; your couch can actually be used for a quick workout. This 5-minute commercial break series works everything from your triceps to abs during primetime. All you need is a good TV show and a set of dumbbells.
  5. The beach: If you're in proximity to a beach or lake, hit up the water for your next workout. Try swimming with these tips or consider one of these 7 beach workouts. Sand adds a serious challenge while the water and these yoga moves will keep you cool.
  6. Your desk: If sitting at your desk is starting to work against you, try this workout. If you do the moves with control and balance your co-workers won't even know. This series is also great on days when you can't step out for a lunch break.
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