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The Unhealthiest Girl Scout Cookies

The Best and Worst Girl Scout Cookies

We are excited to share one of our fave stories from Shape here on FitSugar. This week Shape turns to certified trainer, fitness blogger, and wellness coach Jennipher Walters for some help!

While it's hard to call Girl Scout Cookies health food exactly, some varieties are certainly easier on your waistline than others. In order to help you decide which boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to order this year (because, honestly, it's hard to say "no" to those little girls!), here's a list of the best and the worst Girl Scout Cookies when it comes to serving size, calories, and fat. Obviously, not ordering or eating Girl Scout Cookies is the best way to avoid overindulging, but hopefully this information comes in handy in case you do have a craving or a box arrives on your doorstep!

Keep reading to see which Girl Scout Cookies are the best and worst after the break!

The Three Best Girl Scout Cookies For You:

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1. Shortbread Cookies. You can have four of these buttery cookies for 120 calories and 4.5 grams of fat, making them one of the best Girl Scout Cookie options out there!


2. Savannah Smiles. The Savannah Smiles are the newest variety of Girl Scout Cookies, and comparatively, they're not a bad one to try. A five-cookie serving has 140 calories and five grams of fat.

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3. Shout Outs! There's a lot to shout out about these. Four cookies have 130 calories and five grams of fat. Not too shabby for a treat.

The Three Worst Girl Scout Cookies For You:

1. Lemonades. These Girl Scout Cookies sound innocent enough, but just two of them have 150 calories and seven grams of fat. Now that's not very sweet, is it?

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2. Thanks-A-Lot. This type of Girl Scout Cookie certainly isn't thanking your health. Just two of them have 150 calories and six grams of fat. Thanks, but no thanks!

3. Peanut Butter Sandwich. Three of these add up to 160 calories and six grams of fat. If you want a peanut butter sandwich, it's more filling to go ahead and just make yourself a real one!

Do you usually order Girl Scout Cookies? Will you this year? Does this information change your order? Tell us!

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