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Universal Studios Bans Trans Fats

If you're planning on visiting Universal Studios anytime in the future, you'll still get a taste of the thrilling rides that attracts so many people each year. What you won't get a taste of? Trans Fats.

Like so many others, Universal Studios has jumped on the healthy band wagon and stopped serving trans fats in 90% of the food served at its parks in efforts to combat heart disease in America. Walt Disney Co., announced in October that it will serve more nutritious kids' meals and phase out the artificial fats at its resorts as well.

Universal Studios has even gone a step further and added healthy side options too, including salads and fruit bowls. If you still can't fathom going to a theme park and not having fries, then you still can, they just won't be nearly as bad for your heart. NYC has already made the decision to ban trans fats and Massachusetts is on its way to banning them as well.

Fit's Tip: For now, skip the churro, a Spanish fried-dough pastry, because they will not be trans fat-free until the end of 2007.

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DStirk DStirk 10 years
i am happy about it too.... i dont feel that people fully understand the magnatude of trans fats in foods in restaurants. this way, they dont even have to worry about it. oh and chuurrrrus, yum!
Bonne Bonne 10 years
I'm happy about this, really I am. We just recently banned smoking and now states are starting to ban trans fat. Granted, I understand the person's right to be choose, but I find it a step in the right direction to turn us to be a healthier nation.
DesignRchic DesignRchic 10 years
My panties are all up in a bunch over this Trans fat issue. Now I'm all for eating healthy, BUT I think it's a person's right to choose whether or not they want to eat healthy. Are people going to rip a cigarette away from someone if they're smoking too much, because it will cause lung cancer? Will they then ban liquor in restaurants too? They should because if anything causes more deaths than obesity it's alcohol related incidences.
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