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Upgrade Your Gym Bag with Your Upgraded Tampon

I know you guys always have something to say about your choice of feminine hygiene products, so you may be interested in the new and improved Tampax Cardboard. This is the first upgrade to Tampax Cardboard since its introduction in 1936! To thank Tampax for their sponsorship, we are thrilled to let you know how you can upgrade your gym bag with this awesome new tampon.

The new Tampax Cardboard has revolutionary 3-way leak protection including:

  • A built-in backup™ skirt
  • An absorbent core to fit your unique form
  • An anti-slip™ grip for precise placement

Now that's an upgrade! It's nice to know you can have all those features in a tampon that doesn't have a plastic applicator. Yep, it is the greening of feminine hygiene products. Sound cool? Sign up for a free sample.

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