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The Alter-G Treadmill: Ideal For Bouncing Back From Injury

Here's how Running Sugar community member YumSugar has maintained her half-marathon training while injured.

In the midst of my training for my first-ever half marathon, I've been suffering from posterior tibial tendonitis, which can be very painful to run with, due to the amount of impact. But I've been rehabbing my injury with lots of great tricks that my physical therapists have turned me on to. One of them is the Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill, which offers precise levels of partial weight-bearing so that athletes can train with less pressure on their joints. Usually, I run for 30 minutes on the Alter-G at 70 percent weight, which I suppose is what it would feel like if I were running 30 pounds lighter. It's not as simple as it sounds: Because you're not at normal weight bearing, you have less control when running, which means you need to use more core strength when running to keep everything tight and together. Still, when I'm running on it, I don't feel any pain — and it's easy to run much faster than normal. Lots of fun, and a great way to build back your cardiovascular and running strength when bouncing back from injury!

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Spectra Spectra 7 years
That would be so awesome! I would love to try that thing out sometime!
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
YumSugar, I developed posterior tibialis tendonitis when training for my first half marathon, too! It took over a year for it to resolve because I didn't know how to go about rehabbing it. I've been pain-free for a couple years now, though. Glad to see that you're recovering more quickly than I did!!
Food Food 7 years
johninsingapore, I am doing water running, too -- although it's painfully boring because there is nothing to look at and no music to listen to! I also wish I were getting a better heart rate out of it. Still, it is definitely a great way to rehab my injury. Spacekatgal, my insurance covers all of it! Presidio Sport & Medicine (my PT) bought the machine, and whenever I go in for sessions I get to use it. Pretty awesome, huh?
johninsingapore johninsingapore 7 years
It reminds me that running in water can simulate similar conditions and be therapeutic. I used this during rehab following knee reconstruction...and support core strength as a key to better running and all activity/movement.
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