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Use Collective Buying Websites Like Groupon to Save on Fitness

Try Out the Latest in Fitness at Almost No Cost

In the past we've shared with you some great ways to recession-proof your workout, like renting exercise DVDs or buying used fitness equipment. Unfortunately these things don't always cut it when you're in a fitness rut or want to try something new. One way I and a lot of other folks work around this without spending too much is by joining collective-buying websites like Fresh Guide, Groupon, LivingSocial, SocialBuy, and BuyWithMe.

To learn how to save on things like kayaking, TRX suspension classes, and yoga,


These websites work by helping strangers form a collective, and then leverage their group status for big discounts. Each website lists a deal of the day, and in order to obtain the discount a quota must be reached within a certain time frame, usually 24 hours. If the quota isn't reached (which rarely happens) your money is refunded to you. Example: yesterday's Pittsburgh Groupon was $30 for six group Pilates or yoga classes at V3 Studio, normally priced at $69. In order to get this 57-percent savings, 45 people needed to buy into it within a 24-hour period, which they did. This particular Groupon is good for six months — others expire sooner, some later. Also, each business offers a set amount of discounts they'll offer, making the deals available on a first-come, first-served basis.

While the deals cover a range of things that include spa services, restaurant meals, products, and more, fitness comes up all the time. I did a quick survey of all the sites yesterday and found deals for yoga, massage, martial arts, Zumba, acupuncture, rock climbing, and personal training sessions. While all of these services were discounted by at least 50 percent, some were discounted up to 80 percent! Each of the websites I mentioned advertise daily deals in multiple cities, with Groupon having the largest reach at 45 cities. My advice is to sign up for all of them since you get a daily email listing the special. What's great about these sites is that things come up all the time that you may have been curious about, but weren't sure if you could make the financial investment. I've had friends use it for Bar Method classes, hiking yoga, and boot camp circuit workouts.

Do you think you'll try it out?

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gmart76 gmart76 7 years
groupon isn't the only site doing this - I live in LA and I use SocialBuy a lot. they have lots of good yoga/pilates deals, and they usually last for 2-3 days (instead of 1 day like on groupon). My girlfriend bought one month of kung-fu self-defense classes for like $25. These sites are a great way to save money and get fit.
Mila_83 Mila_83 7 years
I absolutely love Groupon and Living Social - just in a part 2 weeks I got 1-month unlimited membership to one of the coolest NYC gyms with access to huge swimming pool and all classes for $30!I also purchased 10 pilates-reformer classes for $20 and 3 kickboxing classes for $15!I think its great that they offer so many fitness deals and great savings too!
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
A couple weeks ago, I bought a Groupon for 5 yoga classes and saved $35 off of what the drop in rate would be. I also purchased a Groupon for 20 day passes to a nearby gym for $20 total! So, each of my gym trips average out to only $1 when the daily drop-in rate for non-members is $10. I've found that it's a great way to try out local gyms/fitness classes without the commitment of having to buy a membership first.
Ajh Ajh 7 years
I'll be checking out groupon. The nearest city on it is an hour away but if they decide to offer things like kayaking that'd be worth it. I really miss that. I do wish these social STUFF sites had stuff closer to home, but I guess I have to be realistic. I'll be sending this on to my friends that live up north though. I can think of a few who would be very interested.
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