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Use Dixie Cups For Portion Control

Embrace the Dixie Cup For Portion Control

Portion control is often an exercise in willpower, something that's difficult to trust when we're looking for a satisfying snack. The 100-calorie-pack manufacturers have been capitalizing on portion-conscious shoppers and making a killing — those big boxes filled with little baggies are so pricey! Not to mention the amount of waste generated by these single servings.

Choosing a fresh snack is usually best, but when craving something that comes in a bag or box, portion control is the key to not overeating. Buy a box of Dixie cups and use them to scoop out a small snack-sized serving of cereal, pretzels, goldfish, etc.; one cup should hold just enough to fix your craving. Reuse your Dixie cup the next time you reach for a snack to cut down on the trash.


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