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Use an Eye Mask For Better Sleep

Sleep Tip: Try an Eye Mask

I always thought sleeping in an eye mask was sort of silly — an accessory reserved for posh ladies in movies, like Holly Golightly. Then I started having trouble falling asleep because of the streetlight that leaks through my curtains, then waking up to the sunlight in the morning. I let go of my pride and put on an eye mask. I can't believe what a difference it's made.

If you have trouble falling asleep, I really recommend a mask. Putting on the mask not only blocks out the light, it also signals to my body that it's time to sleep. You may not even realize that your bedroom is too bright until you wear a mask and see how much easier it is to sleep through the night. Eye masks are also ideal for naps, overnight flights, and camping trips.

So embrace the silliness and get yourself a playful eye mask, like this Sex and the City sleep mask. You'll be so well rested you'll forget how silly you feel. Do you use an eye mask?

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