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Use a Tennis Ball to Relieve Sore Muscles

Is a Tennis Ball Better Than a Massage?

Getting a massage is not always an affordable option to relieve sore muscles. While there are various rollers to use at home, they are often bulky and hard to travel with. Because of its size, a tennis ball provides on-the-spot muscle relief wherever you are. Use the tips below to show your muscles some much-needed love!

  • Legs: To target your leg muscles, sit on the floor with your legs outstretched, and place the ball underneath you (where the thigh meets your bottom). Slowly move from side to side, allowing the ball to slide over the muscles, placing your hands on the floor for support. This motion can be worked all the way down the leg. After that's done, try turning over and placing the tennis ball under the front of your thigh, and start the rolling motion all over again.
  • Back: To relieve your back, place a tennis ball between yourself and a wall — this works especially well for the muscles near the neck and shoulders. Lean back into the ball, and let it roll back and forth over your muscles.
  • Feet: Use a tennis ball underneath the arch of your foot to relieve tired muscles. Sit down in a chair, and place the tennis ball under your foot. Put some pressure on the ball, and let it roll up and down the muscles of the foot. This is an easy way to get a great foot massage!

The basic idea is that you can work a tennis ball into a trigger point with just a little bit of pressure. If you need to cover greater surface area, put a few tennis balls into a long sock, and tie off the end. For a better grip, you can also try using a Hi-Bounce Ball ($3).

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