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Use YakTrax or STABILicers to Run in Snow and Ice

Snow Chains For Your Shoes: STABILicers and YakTrax

If you bundle up in the right gear, running in the cold can be fun and invigorating. There is the minor issue of all that snow and ice on the running path though. If you don't want to ruin a pair of sneakers by adding screws to the soles, try something less permanent like YakTrax Pros ($30) or STABILicers ($40). Think of them like snow chains for your shoes: the rubber grippers slip easily onto your existing shoes and help provide stability and traction so you won't slip while running in snow and ice. And, unlike screws, they can be taken off easily. We've tested them in Vermont, and our friends, who live in Omaha, Lake Tahoe, and Virginia, swear by them.

YakTrax have rubberized bands that allow for more flexibility in your foot, which offer more comfort and control, and they're also cheaper than STABILicers. But, YakTrax may not stay on your sneakers as well as STABILicers do. STABILicers are more like a semi-permanent cleat that fits snugly over the sole of your shoe. Just remember: whichever kind you choose, they're only meant for running on lightly snowy surfaces or where there's visible ice — these will not work on black ice. If you prefer the extra workout of running in deeper snow, attach them to waterproof trail runners or running boots instead.

Spectra Spectra 6 years
I fell two years ago on the ice and broke my elbow, so I'm very leery of walking on ice in the winter. I have seriously considered Yaktracks or something similar--that would definitely help me keep my balance when I'm walking my dog on the snow.
dd-sugar dd-sugar 6 years
Bluepuppybite--I also purchased these for my parents, who live in Ohio and are in their 70s. Really easy to break bones at that age, and more so on ice! They go on sale frequently at Sierra Trading Post for less than twenty bucks. I hope they really use them and don't think they're dorky! I live in California, so couldn't try them out first. Great product though.
Niami Niami 6 years
I really want these. I'm from the south and moved up to NH and can't walk at all on the ice. I have to say that seeing Jennifer Aniston's armpit every time I visit this site is getting a bit old.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 8 years
These are also nice for elderly people. I bought some for my mom to put on her shoes so she doesn't fall, I tried to give some to my grandparents but thought they were ridiculous.
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