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Valentine's Day - Give Organic Flowers

Valentine's Day - Give Organic Flowers

Giving flowers has become such a tradition for Valentine's Day, but just because you may be single, doesn't mean you can't take part in the fun.

I always send my best friend flowers on Valentine's Day, because let's face it, your best friend is always there for you and you do love her - isn't that what it's all about?

You can also buy yourself flowers too, but you may want to think about buying organic bouquets. Why buy Organic Flowers?

  • Whenever you touch or inhale the scent of your non-organic flowers, you are likely touching or inhaling poisonous chemicals. When you buy organic flowers, you won't have to worry about toxic chemicals on your flower bouquets.
  • Through evaporation, toxic pesticides and fertilizers that are sprayed on flower farms end up in the atmosphere. They then travel to other global areas to fall as rain or snow.
  • Organic flowers, according to many people, last longer than non-organic ones.

Want to hear the other reasons and find out how you can send organic flowers? Then

  • According to an article on, studies have shown that 50% of workers in the Costa Rica flower industry have symptoms of pesticide poisoning. Areas surrounding flower farms there have higher miscarriage and birth defect rates than do other areas.
  • Buying organic flowers helps support local organic farming communities and organizations, which often have charitable, philanthropic motives for selling their flowers.
  • The toxic chemicals used on flower farms poison groundwater and the soil. These chemicals also become part of the food chain, as animals such as birds will eat the sprayed plants. In the course of their seasonal migrations, these birds will spread these chemicals globally.

When you buy or give organic flowers, you are supporting the health of your loved one, as well as the health of the planet. Order online from Organic Bouquet (they have 5-6 ft tall red roses).

grl-in-the-world grl-in-the-world 10 years
Thanks for posting this, I was just reading on msn the other day about how people who cultivate roses in greenhouses often become sick from the pesticides. I try to buy organic fruits and veggies but I had never thought about the flowers my boyfriend buys for we know how dangerous they can be.
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