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Valerie Bertinelli Talks About Keeping It Off

It's hard to believe Valerie Bertinelli is 48; she still looks like a fresh-faced teenage star. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she recently shed 40 pounds. On the cover of the January issue of Fitness, the Jenny Craig spokeswoman talks about the pressure of keeping the weight off while in the public eye. Here are highlights.

  • On creating a positive relationship with food: "I love to cook. I enjoy the smells of a new dish; I like the camaraderie of cook­ing with Tom or my son. I'll put some music on in the kitchen while we work."
  • On celebrities losing weight: "Look, I understand the cynicism that we have all these people working for us, doing everything we need done. But that's not the case for me. I cook, I run my own errands. No one can do my workout for me — no one lifts the weights or does the treadmill or elliptical for me. I don't have someone calling me up to make sure I'm exercising."

She makes a good point: Even the world's best trainer can't do the exercises for you! For more of Bertinelli's thoughts on food and fitness,


  • On food pitfalls: "Certain drinks definitely put the weight on me. A glass or two of white wine is fine, but fruity drinks or hard alcohol — that'll pack on the pounds."
  • On the gym vs. outdoors: "I'm not big on the gym. I would rather be outdoors. You really can get fit without an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment. I have this one-mile loop around my house that I like to do. . . . I like to throw on jeans and a T-shirt and fit in a 15-minute walk here, 20 minutes there. It's fun to do activities with friends or family. On the weekends, for instance, we'll play Frisbee on the beach."
  • On plastic surgery rumors: "Sometimes I hear, 'Oh, she had plastic surgery.' No, I just finally got healthy. Looking back at old photos, I've realized that being over­weight ages you. As I lost the pounds, my vibrancy came back. But getting too thin ages you as well. I don’t want to lose too much; you don't want to be my age and still shopping at Forever 21!"

Wow, so true and so refreshing, don't you think? Do you agree that being too thin or too heavy can age you?

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