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Valslide: A Must for Your Home Gym

If you ever used a slide board in the 90s, then you know what a great workout it was for your hips, booty, and quads. It only works your lower body though, and celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters (she trained Jennifer Garner in her Alias days) wanted something that would work her total body the same way. That was the inspiration behind her invention of Valslide ($29.99) — cute how it's named after her. It's a pretty simple piece of equipment: two oval shaped pads that are slippery smooth on one side with foam on the other side. You place your hands or feet on the foamy part, and when you're on carpet you can slide in every direction. It makes regular exercises like push-ups and lunges much more challenging. At first I thought these seemed a little dopey, but after seeing them in action I think they are cool. Check out the video to see what I mean after you read more

If you're interested, you can buy Valslide directly from the website, and it comes with two slides and an instruction booklet.

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