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Vanity Poll: Would You Try SmartLipo?

Would You Try SmartLipo?

There's a new form of plastic surgery on the market, and it's called SmartLipo. It is considered smart because this new form of liposuction gets rid of unwanted fat with less pain and recovery time. You don't even need to go under general anesthesia, because only the areas the doctor is working on are numbed. A laser goes just beneath the skin and melts the fat with ultrasound. Then the melted fat is sucked out. The procedure is said to cause only minimal damage to the nerves and connective tissue, as compared to traditional liposuction that often causes trauma and bruising. People who undergo SmartLipo can usually go back to work within one to two days. Be warned, though, that you could end up paying between $1,700 to $7,000, depending on the area treated. So after hearing all this . . .


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