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Venus Williams Is in Shape

2008 Wimbledon champ, Venus Williams turned pro at age 14. She won her first grand slam title at 20. Now at 28, she is still winning and she shared some of her secrets of success with Shape and here are some highlights.

  • On Motivation: As far as motivation goes, Venus tells us who has inspired her the most. It's Serena, no question. "Without her, I couldn't have achieved anything. She's helped me believe in myself." Serena loves to give Venus little sayings to remember, such as, 'If you take your opportunities, more opportunities will come.' "That got me through one final at Wimbledon," recalls Venus. "It was a ridiculously difficult match and I was behind until the last three minutes. I kept saying that line over and over in my head: 'If I take the opportunities on the court, more will come.' I was also thinking, 'I want to be like Serena; I want to win like Serena.' And I did."
  • To see what Venus thinks is the key to confidence,


  • On Practice: She recommends you practice and practice more! It’s the key to confidence, says Venus. “You have to practice to develop your talents — and learn to enjoy putting the effort in,” she explains. She doesn’t just practice on the court; her gym routine keeps her in the winner’s circle.
  • On Her Core: Her success on the court is not just her power serve, but a well conditioned core. "I dedicate one entire workout each week to it, but I also challenge it during other exercises – it's where so much of my power comes from."


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Isista Isista 9 years
It's really annoying at how Photoshop is affecting a lot of covers nowadays, and never for the better since they don't seem to try to make it not completely obvious. I was hoping for something more out of Shape, I guess not.
brown_eyed_grrl brown_eyed_grrl 9 years
Agreed! We DO need our own magazine! No waifs or PhotoShopping allowed!
syako syako 9 years
Oh me too. It's amazing to me how many women (especially on this blog) hate muscular arms on a woman. I think they are SEXY! and, obviously, strong!
brown_eyed_grrl brown_eyed_grrl 9 years
"By" not "buy." Argh. It's the little things that annoy me... @syako-I know what you mean. I'm tempted monthly when I see it on the magazine stand. This past year, I've only subscribed to Women's Health, but I miss some of the features in the others. Can't understand why the editors at Shape think that women who are obviously interested in fitness would be turned off by Venus' biceps. I'm envious of them every time I see her play!
syako syako 9 years
I'd quit too, but like I said, I really enjoy the workouts. Let's start our own magazine!!
brown_eyed_grrl brown_eyed_grrl 9 years
I agree with Syako, and I quit buying Shape last year. I remember that they featured Hillary Duff when she started looking scrawny, and in the interview she said she lost weight buy not eating fries and doing pilates. Then a year later, she did another cover saying she got too thin, people were concerned, she was being too extreme in her diet, etc., etc. It was obvious that she was too thin on the first cover.
syako syako 9 years
as much as I love the workouts in Shape magazine (as they are challenging and innovative) I'm sick and tired of the way they handle celebrity coverage. I've written tons of letter to them about featuring more women athletes, and now they do - but they photoshop the crap out of her! :oy: I remember Angie Harmon was on the cover once and she look so emaciated you'd have thought she was a starving woman.
brown_eyed_grrl brown_eyed_grrl 9 years
Sad, sad, sad. You'd think a magazine about FITNESS would highlight her muscles instead of giving her wussy, toothpick arms.
alethia037 alethia037 9 years
Hey Fit - do you have a set of core workouts posted from the past? If not, maybe you could post some? Thanks!
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Yeah, way photoshopped...heaven forbid a woman be too buff for a magazine cover. I think she's awesome!
latent latent 9 years
Her waist has never looked like that.
syako syako 9 years
babygal14 babygal14 9 years
u guys r so right it's definitely photoshopped she looks more muscular on t.v.
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 9 years
I think it's so great that Serena and Venus inspire each other. I really respect their sisterly bond :)
syako syako 9 years
I noticed that too faery! In the magazine itself it is even more noticeable. It just sickens me because she's supposed to have muscular arms - it's her JOB to use them playing tennis!! :oy: And then they have pics of her on the inside doing a workout, and her arms look big and normal. Oh geez.
faerymagick15 faerymagick15 9 years
that is sooo obviously photoshopped!! Her arms are much more defined and muscular in person.
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
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