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Veria Is So Very!

You know I like buying organic whenever I can, and that includes body care products as well. Since I also appreciate the convenience of shopping online, I wanted to share one of my favorite new web destinations with you: one of our sponsors, Veria. It is more than an Internet store and really has a lot to offer. Not only can you buy supplements, vitamins, and natural beauty products, but Veria also has a great encyclopedia on all things natural, healthful and alternative. It's called Veriapedia, and I love the play on words! If you are interested in learning about and possibly purchasing some Echinacea, you can do a search in Veriapedia and find news stories about the herb (it does help prevent the common cold) as well as find Echinacea supplements to buy. Research and shopping combined — I love it!

If you are in need of some vitamins, organic lotion or any of the other great products they have available, I suggest you become a registered user at Veria to save an inagural 25% on your purchases until August 15th.

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