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Veria Is So Very!

You know I like buying organic whenever I can, and that includes body care products as well. Since I also appreciate the convenience of shopping online, I wanted to share one of my favorite new web destinations with you: one of our sponsors, Veria. It is more than an Internet store and really has a lot to offer. Not only can you buy supplements, vitamins, and natural beauty products, but Veria also has a great encyclopedia on all things natural, healthful and alternative. It's called Veriapedia, and I love the play on words! If you are interested in learning about and possibly purchasing some Echinacea, you can do a search in Veriapedia and find news stories about the herb (it does help prevent the common cold) as well as find Echinacea supplements to buy. Research and shopping combined — I love it!

If you are in need of some vitamins, organic lotion or any of the other great products they have available, I suggest you become a registered user at Veria to save an inagural 25% on your purchases until August 15th.

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jakqlin jakqlin 9 years
Be careful when buying products labeled "organic". There are no guidelines for organic beauty products and product labeling may be misleading. Although not necessarily on this particular website... they might do the homework for you.
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