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Two years ago, Victoria Beckham didn't find working out so posh and admitted that she didn't like to sweat. My how things have changed.

A member of the swanky gym Sports Club LA in Beverly Hills, it is reported that Posh works out six days a week. Aside from running eight miles a day on a treadmill, she has experimented with Pilates and spinning. A far cry from her complaints about the pain-in-her-small-bum cycling caused when she tried it a couple of years ago in Spain.

After acclimating to sweating, working out has increased Victoria's metabolism so the "naturally thin woman" can now enjoy eating. Aside from bringing food to her life, working out makes her feel "energized and healthy." For extra exercise motivation her husband loads her iPod with tunes. I guess Posh and I do have something in common: I, too, work out to increase my energy, improve my health, and allow me to eat just about anything I want. How about you?


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