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Video of The Biggest Loser Season 9 Premiere

The Biggest Loser Season 9 Premiere Is Tonight

The Biggest Loser is still going strong, and season nine opens tonight on NBC with the show's third couples edition. Last season was full of the sweat and tears we've come to expect, but what surprised us all was seeing 430-pound Danny Cahill drop down to a slim 191 pounds, losing a record-setting 239 pounds in six months!

This new season launches today on NBC to give more people the opportunity to get healthy and change their lives forever, and to inspire others watching to get on the path to losing weight. Check out the season premiere below.

Will you be watching The Biggest Loser this season?

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yu1 yu1 7 years
The past Biggest Loser season is the only one I've watched (and have yet to finish...I think there are 3 episodes left for me to watch) but honestly....TOO MUCH TEARS! :| Dear lord, the first few episodes I cried along with them, but seriously?! Every 5 minutes we get a waterfall... It got too frustrating.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
Even though I hate how long the darn show is (is 2 hours seriously needed???) I continue to watch biggest loser. I DVR it to fast forward thru commercials, most of the tears and the half hour of voting. I love Jillian and the show itself is so inspiring. I find myself rooting for the contestants (most of them anyways) and love seeing how they can change their lives. It helps me focused on changing mine.
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