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Vitamin C-Ya Later Cold

For many of us the cold weather is here which means so is cold and flu season - UGH!

I always feel like a bullseye when it comes to catching a cold, especially around the holidays when all the kids are running around wiping their ripe noses on my pants - gross. I wash my hands a million times but after I catch it, I need to call in the troops and tackle it from the inside out.

To learn how to cut your cold time (and its severity) down,

Vitamin C is great for reducing the severity of a cold and cutting off the time it affects you but has not been proven to prevent a cold (bummer, I know). The daily recommended allowance for adults (19 and over) is 75-90 mg per day of Vitamin C, so when you have a cold you may want to up your intake, always being careful to never exceed 2,000 mg per day. Adding more citrus fruits to your diet is one of the best ways to get more Vitamin C. Other fruits and veggies like cranberries, strawberries and green peppers are good as well and liver is also high in Vitamin C (and fat, so be careful). Supplements, like Emergen-C, are another way to get a good daily dose.

Fit's Tip: Smokers should not only quit smoking but also increase their daily intake by 35 mg as smoking depletes the levels of Vitamin C in the body.

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txgirlie txgirlie 10 years
Big fan of the emergen-c. I swear it works.
a-geek a-geek 10 years
I'm a C fanatic- I go for lots of those C-boosted smoothies (or fresh squeezed OJ) any time I feel a cold coming on. Even once I've gotten a full blown cold C seems to help a lot.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
yum, rasberry!!! I've never tried them, but it's worth a shot!
AJS AJS 10 years
I hate catching a cold and I always try to be on the offensive and fight them with Emergency C , have any of you actually tried it?? I have felt that is does work, but it also gives you a peace of mind that you are being proactive in your cold fighting! My favorite flavor is Raspberry , they also come in small packets, totally purse size!!!
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
Really? good for pms?? I never knew that! we should all start pounding them around the 1st of every month, hehehehe
bluejeanie bluejeanie 10 years
those vitamin C drinks are wonderful! they help with hangovers, headaches, the flu, and PMS. drinking lots and lots of water also helps when i have a cold.
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