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Free radicals create oxidative stress on a cellular level and have long been considered a major culprit of the aging process. Since antioxidants clean up those free roaming bits of "reactive oxygen compounds," one would think vitamins loaded with free radicals would help folks live longer. However, last Spring, researchers found that taking high doses of vitamins may decrease life span rather than lengthen it.

Now a new study has found that taking moderate doses of vitamins E and C interferes with the benefits of exercise, specifically the increase of metabolism and diabetes prevention through insulin sensitivity.

It seems the antioxidants found in vitamins C and E are too efficient at mopping up free radicals, and our muscles need a little bit of cellular damage caused by oxidative stress to jump-start their natural defense systems. Researchers wholeheartedly believe more research should be done in this area, and that we should not worry about getting too much of these vitamins in our diet naturally; it is supplements that should possibly be avoided.


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