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Wacky Things Personal Trainers and Instructors Say

Say What? Wacky Things Trainers Say to Motivate Us

Trainers, fitness instructors, and health gurus bark some somewhat silly things in the name of motivation. They can't help it. They've been tasked with making us push a little harder or go little deeper, and that requires some pep talking. I've been on the other side of the class, but somehow I am still a little shocked by choice motivational messages. I've been keeping a mental list of the most peculiar or funny sayings over the last few months with the hope you all will revel in my LOLs and share some of the comical delights from your classes and sessions, too.

  • Preached in an intense cardio conditioning class: "Squeeze those peaches ladies! Nobody likes a soggy peach!" Ummm, I don't technically know where the peach is located on the female anatomy, but the teacher was right, I am pretty sure no one likes them soggy.
  • Uttered in a ballet bar class full of women: "Get your feet into a diamond shape. The harder you push in these diamond exercises, the more likely you are to get diamonds!" Errr, I don't know about you, but that one offended me.
  • From a well-intentioned, totally serious trainer: "Don't you want your thighs to hurt all weekend long?!" Well, I guess . . .

Heard any doozies in your classes lately? Share them in comments!

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