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Healthy Recipes
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Wake Up in the Morning With Coffee Body Scrub

Most people slowly wake themselves from dreamland with the most popular caffeinated beverage - coffee. So why not start a little early, and have your coffee in the shower?

Remember I told you about Lunaroma, that wonderful natural company who makes those unique Wedding Aroma Bubbles, and that skin-softening Sugar Body Polish? Well, they also make an amazing Coffee Scrub.

Talk about an invigorating experience! As soon as you open the jar, the steam from your shower lifts the deep warming coffee smell into your soul.

All you do is scoop out some into your hands, rub your palms together and then scrub it all over your body (I didn't do my face). The mixture has ground up coffee beans and sugar in it, which gently exfoliates the dead skins cells from your body. Thanks to the apricot kernel and jojoba emollient oils, you'll be amazed at how silky smooth your skin is after you dry off.

The best part? Don't worry about smelling like a coffee shop all day - Lunaroma's Coffee Scrub also contains hints of cocoa and citrus oils, so you'll be smelling like a chocolate bar infused with orange. Now that's a treat worth waking up for. Buy directly from Lunaroma for $8.00.

Fit's Tips: Of course, you could whip up a batch of your own coffee scrub using this recipe. Not into the scrub? Then try this caffeinated soap.

Join The Conversation
Fitness Fitness 10 years
Have no fear - you don't end up smelling like coffee since this scrub is also made with citrus and cocoa...
sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 10 years
im addicted to coffee but i don't think i want to smell like it.
misstsapinay misstsapinay 10 years
Not sure about this...Pretty soon Starbucks will have their own line of scrubs and soaps too.
snowdaytoday snowdaytoday 10 years
I don't drink coffee, but I bet it is great at exfoliating!
ashleylynne ashleylynne 10 years
I remember reading somewhere that caffeine helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Does anyone know if that's true?
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
Whoa. I am not sure if I want to walk around smelling like Starbucks all day.
BethS BethS 10 years
I love scrubs, but the biggest problem for me is that you're not supposed to do most of them on cleanly shaven skin (or shave afterwards), so my skin ends up soft and stubbly at the same time...
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
I kinda want to taste it.
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 10 years
No thanks. I :DRINKS: my coffee ;)
ALSW ALSW 10 years
Honestly not sure that I'd want to smell like a chocolate bar either. But the idea is different!
andaman andaman 10 years
I think it's a horrible idea!
CestLaVie CestLaVie 10 years
MMMMMmmmmm I can imagine the lovely scent now. Sounds like a great product and the price is good too!
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