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Warmers Are NOT Wimpy

Being cold is not cool. Don't let Winter keep you from enjoying the great outdoors.

Even if you layer up with lots of warm clothes, when you're outside in the cold for an extended period of time, the blood starts moving inward to protect your core and all of its vital organs - this can leave your hands and feet quite cold.

Pack some hand, toe, and foot warmers if you know you'll be out for a while. This portable heat is activated by air exposure - once you open the package, they'll stay warm for 5-7 hours.

They are a must for skiers, snowboarders, winter hikers, or anyone who enjoys outdoor winter activities.

Fit's Tip: They're not just for cold fingers and tootsies - they're great to use if you have stomach cramps, a sore neck or back, or chronic pain - the heat helps to relax and loosen tissues, and stimulates blood flow to the area.

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arianell arianell 10 years
They're amazing for cramps... during that time of the month, I put one on and take a nice, long, warm nap.
DStirk DStirk 10 years
my mom is obsessed with these things... she always has stashes and stashes of them.
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