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Watch Out Matt: Death By Caffeine!

Caffeine has been in the news a lot recently, from finding out it's not dehydrating to, most notably, the latest incident where someone actually OD'd on caffeine. Yet, another warning that too much of anything can be bad.

In tribute to caffeine being so popular (good and bad) with the media these days here is a fun calculator to find how much caffeine it would take to send you to the morgue hospital. This could be strange, but it's all fun and games, besides you never know when you're going to accidentally drink 55.07 cups of coffee (that's how many it would take to kill me, by the way). Is it sad that 55 cups of coffee does not sound like that much to me, I mean it would have to be a very bad day, but still...

In case you were wondering how it's calculated: It's done by how much you have to actually have in your system at one time.

Oh, and a big thanks to PartySugar for passing this one along!


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Spectra Spectra 10 years
Yeah, it'd be pretty difficult for me to consume 60some cups of coffee in enough time to kill me. Just the time it takes to actually drink it would allow your liver to metabolize at least part of it. I think the most coffee I've ever had was a giant cup of plain ol coffee from made me jittery and nauseous, so now I just stick with my own coffee (I make it a little less strong!)
nikkitty nikkitty 10 years
it would take 62.99 cups of brewed coffee to finish me off. i am a coffee adict, i need it at least 2-3 cups a day, especially Starbucks, just the smell of it makes me crave it.I really need to cut down, though.
Cleopatra2U Cleopatra2U 10 years
It would take 68.57 cups of brewed coffee (of which I usually have 1-2 cups on weekday mornings) or 163.80 cans of Diet Coke to kill me. I actually drink 1 can of Diet Coke Plus almost every day, but according to this test, "the makers of Diet Coke Plus have not disclosed caffeine levels." At any rate, I don't think I could keep any more than 3-4 drinks "in [my] system at one time" without having to pee.
misslarue misslarue 10 years
I gave up coffee and havent missed it at all which really surprised me.
lintacious lintacious 10 years
yeah i love that site!
almostloli almostloli 10 years
153.81 cans of Diet Coke + You = Death. hahahha COOL
Jennifer777 Jennifer777 10 years
Hmmm.... I am intrigued by the fact that it would take 297.22 Hershey's Special Dark bars to kill me..... What a yummy way to go....
KathleenxCouture KathleenxCouture 10 years
82.53 cups of brewed coffee will kill me BTW ;)
KathleenxCouture KathleenxCouture 10 years
Well... You can also die from drinking too much water! I don't buy into those PSAs about how alcohol and caffeine and sugar are BAD for you. The only way they become bad are when you consume WAYY TOO MUCH. So next time someone says "You shouldnt drink that coffee, ITS BAD FOR YOU" just say "You shouldnt drink water either, its bad for you" and when they are dumbfounded just say "It goes both ways when you drink too much of coffee and water"...then they will have learned something and will also leave you alone!
Novaraen Novaraen 10 years
105 cups of brewed coffee would kill would take 150 cans of AMP to kick my bucket. :ROTFL: I had to do both my "poisons"...naturally!! I can barely get through one can of AMP and maybe 2-3 cups of coffee so i think im safe on this one. ;)
brookrene brookrene 10 years
79.36 cups of coffee would kill me!!! Good thing i dont actually drink that much. :)
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 10 years
There was a show on Discovery Health last night called "The Truth about Food" which goes over food myths, health issues. They did a experiment on caffeine and whether or not you perform better with it. So they took two DJ's who both drank about 6 plus cups of coffee a day, made them do a bunch of cognative tests, tested thier alert levels, and then took one of them off caffeine. Both were drinking coffee, but one was getting decaf. Both were convinced they had the decaf! the guy was the one with the decaf, the female had the caffeine still, but both said they had headaches and other withdrawels. In the end after all the tests were given, the womans tests stayed the same and the mans dipped and then went back to what they were on the caffeine. SO the test proved that caffeine only helps you perform BETTER if you go off of it for awhile, other than that non drinkers perform the same as drinkers!
PJ-PJ-PJ PJ-PJ-PJ 10 years
Oh, that's fun! 78.13 cups is my limit for coffee...or I should say 77.13, so that I won't actually die! I checked for Mt. Dew also...205.99 cans a day & I'm gone. No worries, to most has been 5 cans in an 8 hour time period.
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