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Watered Down: Benefits of Eight Glasses a Day?

I drink lots of water daily and the new report on the health benefits of water being oversold will probably not sway me to stop sipping it hourly. The study found that there really are no health benefits to drinking the often recommended eight glasses of water a day; there is no evidence to the lack of benefits either. Interestingly enough, the researchers could not pin point the origin of the recommendation to drinking 64 ounces of water a day. It seems to be a benign urban health myth.

Here is a short list of things drinking eight glasses of water will not do for you:

  • It does not help remove toxins from the kidneys.
  • It doesn't help improve skin tone.
  • It doesn't ward of headaches.
  • It will no improve organ function.
  • Lastly, water doesn't necessarily lead to weight loss. Since water contains no calories, it is more of a weight loss strategy for keeping your mouth busy than for filling you up. Sometimes the body mistakes hunger and thirst cues, so drinking adequate water can help stave off this bodily confusion.

The take home message – drink when you are thirsty. Everyone's need for water differs. If you exercise and sweat you will need to replenish your lost fluids and if you live in a dry, hot climate you will need more water as well. Listen to your body!


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