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Waterproof iPod Case and Headphones

Into Swimming? Don't Give Up Your Tunes

Many of us who run, walk, cycle or use cardio machines can't live without listening to music while we work out. So why should it be any different for swimming and water sports? Check out what you'll need to waterproof your music.

These cases from H20 Audio ($39.99 - $79.99) are waterproof for your iPod Nano or Shuffle up to 10 feet. They're lightweight, fully sealed, and won't break open if they fall.

You'll also need waterproof headphones that are compatible with these water-tight cases. To see them

These waterproof headphones (white pair $39.99, black pair $49.99) can be completely submerged in water. They not only allow you to hear your music while swimming, but they prevent water from getting into your ears.

Of course, you'll need a swimbelt ($39.99) to keep the waterproof case in place while you do your laps. It's made of neoprene and has a vinyl face cover so you can see your iPod.

So for less than $200 you'll be able to crank up your playlists while swimming, surfing, water skiing, or windsurfing. For that price I might just learn to enjoy the solitude. However, this gear is also great for snow sports or if you don't mind working out in the rain.

Join The Conversation
jenniferisme1 jenniferisme1 9 years
oops I put the wrong comment. Iam sorry. That belt looks super KOOLIO. I love it. I would swim the ocean blue all day if I had u, my swim belt.
jenniferisme1 jenniferisme1 9 years
sparklestar sparklestar 9 years
I bought a waterproof mp3 player. It said on the instructions it was fine for a depth of 1 metre and for 30 minutes at a time. After 15 minutes the buttons had stuck and the whole thing had died! Complete waste of money. :( I would not risk my iPod in one of those.
behemoth_the_cat behemoth_the_cat 9 years
Sweet! That's an awesome invention! Swimming with music would be SOOO much fun!!! :D
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
thats very cool!
Lovey-Howell Lovey-Howell 9 years
I have something similar to this and I love it!!! It totally takes the boredom out of swimming laps, plus it also allows me to listen to music in the bathtub!
hllrbackgirl hllrbackgirl 9 years
I don't swim but this is very cool
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 9 years
I agree latent...although being under water listening to music would be awesome. I've never experienced that.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
I feel the same way latent. Even if I knew objectively that it would be safe I'd be worried the whole time anyway!
latent latent 9 years
I'm waaaaaayyyyyy too paranoid about all of my iPods to jump in water with them, even in a waterproof case. o.0
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
This is awesome :)
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