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Way to Burn Calories in the City

Big City Ways to Burn Big Calories

It might seem hard to fit in an exercise routine when city life is already filled with hustle and bustle, but you don't need a big open field or tons of time at the gym to burn calories. If you're a city dweller, keep these tips in mind to help increase the burn and cut time at the gym.

Take the stairs: No need to schedule time on the Stairmaster, take advantage of the real deal! Instead of using the elevator to go a few floors up, use the stairs. As tempting as escalators may look, do the moving yourself. You'd be surprised by all the leg-toning opportunities.

Bike around town: Spending 20-30 minutes on your bike will burn off your morning breakfast, and chances are that is just about the time it takes to get to work! Use your bike the next time you run errands to avoid the hassle of parking and save yourself the headache of traffic. Worried about the safety of your bike? Follow these tips in properly locking up your wheels.

Avoid shortcuts: You may have mastered the quickest way to get from point A to point B in your city (like those secret alleys) but stick to the main path. Going the longer route will have you walking more, thus burning more. It might take a little extra time, but it won't be that bad when you start to see results.

Mores ways your city can help you cut calories!

Simply sleep: Yes, sleep! Using sleep for weight loss may seem like a dream come true, but not getting enough sleep slows down your metabolism. If you are used to always being on the go and working late hours, try to rest up. Use a sleep machine to quiet the sound of busy streets and hang blackout shades to block the city light.

Play in the park: Take advantage of your city's green space by spending time in the park. The opportunities to burn calories here are endless. Go for a run, arrange a group scrimmage, or take your dog for walk. Here is a helpful playground circuit workout to do the next time you're in the park.

Go shopping: Instead of going to the mini mart to grab groceries, visit your local farmers market. Vendors are set up in wide, open spaces to walk around and browse. A few times up and down these aisles will help you burn your afternoon snack without even thinking about it. Cities are also famous for extra-large department stores. Do a little retail therapy and browse the racks. An hour of shopping kills 200 calories and may help you score some new pieces.

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