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The Beach Is a Workout Waiting to Happen

Who doesn't love spending time at the beach? Cameron is one starlet that takes advantage of all the beach has to offer. I love that she doesn't just lounge on the sand, but plays in the water practically non-stop. Which is great since I believe the beach is a workout waiting to happen.

If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean or will be vacationing soon by the shore, you too should take advantage of all the beach has to offer. If you want a hard core workout try the Beach Body Workout on the beach. But let me tell you, there are more casual and playful ways to burn some extra calories while hanging out at the shore.

Here are some ideas:

Walking in the Sand: Sand provides way less traction than concrete sidewalk or asphalt roads. So take advantage of your disadvantage and walk the beach. Do walk in both wet and dry sand to challenge your body in different ways. There will be good people watching to entertain you too. Who knows maybe you will even see some wildlife.

Walking in the Surf: Just walking in ankle deep water is a great challenge. Add the ebb and flow of the tide and you have yourself a great lower body workout.

Playing in the Waves: Jumping up and down in the surf is great fun and a challenge to your entire body. Diving under waves and swimming against the tide is a great way to workout with the ocean providing extra resistance.

There's more to do at the beach, and there are more photos of Cameron frolicking in the waves. So just read more.
Swimming: Swim out past the break and try some laps in the ocean. The current creates a natural challenge. Make sure you stay in sight range of the lifeguard. Remember: if you can't see the guards, they can't see you.

Body Surfing: Riding the waves without a board is a fun way to experience the ocean. You don't need any gear, although fins do help.

So get out there! Play in the waves. It'ss a great way to help maintain your beach body. Plus, it won't feel like a workout, it will just feel like fun.

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