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Ways to Burn Summer Calories

How to Work Off a Corona and Other Summer Favorites

It's summertime, and the living is easy — and the beer and ice cream are flowing! This time of year is filled with so many warm-weather treats, it makes sense that you'll be indulging a little. If you're watching your weight, you may only feel good about diving into these foods if you can get a good workout in beforehand. Check out the chart below to see how many calories are in your favorite Summer foods and the fun workouts you can do to burn them off.

Summer Treat Calories Amount Activity
Beer (12 oz. Corona) 148 Gardening for 51 minutes will burn 148 calories*
Candy apple with nuts 190 30 minutes of a friendly game of ultimate frisbee burns 198 calories
Cheeseburger with all the fixings 543 Running (6 mph) outside for 61 minutes will burn 549 calories
Curly fries 424 43 minutes of swimming laps burns 426 calories
Corn dog 210 Play beach volleyball for a half hour and burn 216 calories
Cotton candy 220 Burn 223 calories by mowing the lawn for 52 minutes

I'm just getting started, so keep reading to see other ways to burn off those Summer calories.

Food Calories Amount Activity
Funnel cake 760 Play tennis for two hours and six minutes and burn 762 calories
Hot dog with ketchup and mustard 310 Go for a 48-minute hike and burn 310 calories
Ice cream cone (vanilla with sprinkles) 300 Do this 300-calorie-burning wogging workout
Kettlecorn (small) 120 Surfing for 23 minutes burns 124 calories
13.5 oz. bottle of lemonade 202 A 23-minute bike ride (15 mph) will burn 207 calories
3.3 oz. margarita (on the rocks) 153 Burn off 154 calories on a 38-minute brisk walk (15 mph)
Medium pomegranate Pinkberry with strawberries and toasted almonds 326 After a half hour of rock climbing, you'll burn 328 calories
1/2 cup serving of Ciao Bella Sorbet 150 Hop in the pool for a 28-minute game of volleyball and burn 151 calories

*Calculations based on a 130-pound woman.

Source: Flickr User Crinity

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