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Ways to Curb Cravings

What's Your Advice For Curbing Cravings?

Sometimes a reader question comes along that I know you guys could provide a ton of great answers for so I wanted to share this question with you.

"Hey Fit. My new year's resolution is to stop eating so much junk food, especially Skittles but the problem is that I get these cravings and I have a hard time not giving into them. Do you have any tips for curbing cravings so I can finally stick with my resolution?"

So share your best tricks for curbing cravings in the comments section below. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with as I have recently rediscovered Reese's Pieces and could use a few new tricks myself.

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tkoblondee tkoblondee 9 years
I like to crack open an ice cold can of diet A&W root beer! mmmm...yummy
TuTuLaRoo TuTuLaRoo 9 years
Things that work for me: *Chew sugar free mint gum *Drink cold water w/ lemon *Brush your teeth *Take a shower *Get online to distract yourself *Have a cough drop
tidesong tidesong 9 years
My worst cravings always come at night, so I brush my teeth (somehow when its squeaky clean its easier not to think about food) and snuggle into bed with a good book (keeps both hands busy) If its in the day, then just going out for a walk helps, or in the office taking a toilet break before getting the food.
burnsjl burnsjl 9 years
Eat low-calorie high-fiber snacks: shredded wheat, rice cakes (they have sweet flavors such as caramel corn and chocolate), whole-grain bread, celery, etc. They make you feel full. This is what I did on Weight Watchers and it worked.
retro14 retro14 9 years
I eat a small bowl blackberries with one package of splenda mixed in. It tastes amazingly refreshing and sweet. Plus, I put it in a cute bowl which makes it feel like more of a treat.
ccy ccy 9 years
When a craving hits, I pull out the veggies or fruit I prepped earlier. If I find I still have the craving after i've eaten it all then I'll give in to one piece but then i'm cut off for the day.
melizzle melizzle 9 years
I have a WICKED sweet tooth and one of the best things I've found are Sweet Riot's "peaces" ( They are cacao beans covered in chocolate and just a few pieces satisfy my dark chocolate obsession. And at only a calorie a piece, it's guilt-free!
lemuse20 lemuse20 9 years
Usually if you get all the junk out of your system, you start to not crave those things anymore, so Ive heard and it's happened with me when I cut back on sweets, chocolate wasnt even desired anymore. I kinda think that theory is true, but if not oh well, I agree gum does work.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Odanielle- great advice! ".if you are craving something in your fridge/cupboard, eat it. don't eat something else in an attempt to make the craving go away. you'll just end up eating that and the original thing you were lusting after."
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Just don't buy any junk to have around your house. Seriously, none. No matter how strong your craving is you probably won't go out to the grocery store to buy Skittles. Then, when you go to a movie, or have some sort of date or "treat" night, decide what it is, indulge in some Skittles and don't feel too guilty. I think that might give you some sort of feeling of control over the cravings, and you probably will end up indulging far less and thinking of junk food as a treat for a special occasion, not something to be randomly snacking on out of boredom when you're watching "Chuck" in your PJ's!
0danielle0 0danielle0 9 years
.brush your teeth after every meal, and within an hour or two of when you plan on going to sleep. .don't keep sweets in your house. you'll be much less likely to eat something if you have to go to the store to get it. .if you are craving something in your fridge/cupboard, eat it. don't eat something else in an attempt to make the craving go away. you'll just end up eating that and the original thing you were lusting after. .if you've developed the habit of eating sweets after every meal, break that habit! after a week or two, you won't crave them anymore. .drink lots of water. sometimes thirst masks itself as hunger. .frozen grapes, yogurt, and cereal are great snacks. mmm. .if you must, skinny cow makes some yummy ice cream sandwiches and drumstick-like cones that are delicious, and not that horrible for you. :)
KKGHokie KKGHokie 9 years
Usually when I have a craving, I go look at health/fitness websites (like FitSugar!). Seeing all of that makes me want to stay on track and makes the craving go good-bye. (As I write this, a box of doughnuts sits literally outside my office and I haven't been tempted once -- thanks FitSugar!)
almostloli almostloli 9 years
just like Pringles tagline, once i pop, i can't stop.. so for me, it'd be better like: all or nothing if you got the time, jump on tredmills or tracks, do a little exercise, it will kill your appetite if you don't and you're the type of person who can CONTROL yourself, have a few bites of whatever you're craving, then STOP for me, i can't thats why i stop buying anything i just STOP BUYING, therefore they're not available or anywhere near me.. so i can't have em.. haha
lindholmka lindholmka 9 years
Sometimes if I'm having a craving I'll brush my teeth and afterwards I don't feel as hungry or craving the junk food plus its a nice healthy teeth brushing! Also a big glass of water is great too! Good luck!
pamelamarie88 pamelamarie88 9 years
Theres a few things I religiously do to help me out with cravings. 1)of course, ALWAYS keeps something healthy within reach *2)one of my personal favourites, although a mite unorthodox in relation to sweet cravings, is sucking on ice cubes, not only does it burn calories, the cold sensation is refreshing 3)if you really need something sweet, make sure you eat something healthy before, so that you will be full enough to not impulsively eat as much, ie. eat some celery with a low-cal dip, celery is what I call a "minus" food, because it burns more calories eating it than in the celery
daniemre daniemre 9 years
eat low cal yougurth (:
maggielives maggielives 9 years
Drink lots of water - it makes you feel full so you don't have as many cravings.
Arthur Arthur 9 years
stay away from the sugar offices and more importantly stay away from a geek's desk.
Jenna-Marie22 Jenna-Marie22 9 years
Suckers for me!
bissa_ann bissa_ann 9 years
For me the key is to find something with a similar taste but in a smaller portion - instead of chocolate ice cream, eat chocolate pudding at 100 calories. Or instead of chips, eat a cup of popcorn. If I satisfy the salt/sweet craving I don't need to OD on calories.
alikat07 alikat07 9 years
I've noticed that if I give into temptation, its harder to resist throughout the day... so I just try my best not to and it gets easier every day I don't. I just make sure I have enough snacks (fruit, protein bars, veggies, popcorn) at work so I don't make excuses to buy something fatty or sugary since I'm hungry. Doesn't always work though, I'm good at making excuses for myself :p
onesong onesong 9 years
juju, you seriously took the words out of my mouth. are you living in my body or something?
misswaikiki misswaikiki 9 years
diet coke does the trick for me
blue-skies blue-skies 9 years
Oh, I should probably cut down on the dried fruit then... hmmm... I find that sometimes when my brain is telling me I need something, it is just old habits haunting me, and all I need is a glass of water or something. I try to eat small meals and often, 5 - 6 times a day, as it keeps me from snacking on unhealthy things.
GratefulGrl80 GratefulGrl80 9 years
i chew sugarfree orbit, or eat a piece of fruit. and lots of water. pretty much what everyone else said :)
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