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Ways to De-Stress at Work

Simple Tips to Reduce Workday Stress

Sometimes a "case of the Mondays" can follow us well into the work week. Looming deadlines, pressure from the boss, and a hectic day of meetings are enough to frazzle the calmest individual. Before you let stress take control of an otherwise productive workday, follow these tips for stopping stress before it takes full hold.

  • Eat yourself to calm: While fatty junk foods may seem like the cure to your hectic day, these indulgences will only have you experiencing the crash-and-burn effect of a sugar high. Instead of reaching for things like chips or candy, eat one of these healthy foods proven to fight stress. Good-for-you items like nuts, oranges, spinach, and fish all contain nutrients that will ward off workday pressures. If a sweet treat is the only way you'll be able to survive the day, choose dark chocolate. A recent study shows that eating a small amount of dark chocolate can reduce stress levels. Along these same lines, give yourself a break and eat lunch away from your desk. Getting out of the office may be just what you need to relax.
  • Schedule a lunchtime workout: An easy way to blow off steam during your workday is to exercise. If the idea of leaving work to hit the gym only causes stress levels to rise, follow these timesaving tips for a midday workout and check out this quick beauty routine for the locker room. Numerous studies have shown that exercise is a sure-fire way to boost endorphins. You'll return to work happier, calmer, and energized.

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  • Phone a friend: If you're feeling like work is getting the best of you, take a small break and call a friend. Sometimes the best way to let go of stress is to have a mini venting session by talking to someone you love and trust. Make the call really count and call your mother — no, really! Research has shown that the sound of a mother's voice over the phone has a soothing effect.
  • Stretch it out: Stretching will help to get the blood flowing and relieve any built-up tension you might be holding in your body. Here are eight yoga poses that you can do at your desk and ways you can relieve a stiff neck.
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