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Ways to Eat Healthy in the Food Court at the Mall

Food Court Survival: Part II

The mall is almost unavoidable during the holidays, and something about all that running around and waiting in lines makes me hungry. What's worse: Not only am I hungry, but I also know there is a place where food is easily accessible. That place, like the fast food holy land, is the Food Court.

Don't worry, we can get through this.

I already shared a few survival strategies, and another idea is to bring your own snacks. Healthy snacking options are limited at the food court: Think french fries, bagels, candy, and cookies. Last year user redsugar suggested carrying a zip top bag full of nuts so you can satisfy your hunger without heading to Cinnabon.

If you forget your baggie of healthy munchies, then pretzel shops are not always a bad option. The Jalapeño Pretzel without butter from Auntie Anne's has 270 calories and no trans fat (this was the best I could find at Auntie Anne's in terms of nutrition) — not horrible. If you're cutting out white flour, then try the Whole Wheat Pretzel (no butter) with 350 calories and 1.5 grams of fat.


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