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Ways to Make Metabolism Faster

What Works (and What Doesn't) For Faster Metabolism

There are things you can't help about your own metabolism, like aging and genetics, but they don't have the final say in how revved up it can be. If you feel like your metabolism could use a boost, check out what works (and what doesn't) below.

  1. Start or amp up your strength training: If you're a cardio girl through and through, you've probably heard people telling you that you should add weight training to your routine. That's because muscles burn calories at a higher rate than fat, so your metabolism will be getting a bigger boost the more muscle mass you have. Already incorporating strength training without seeing more results? Try amping up your routine, switching the type of workout, or adding a yoga or Pilates class to your routine.
  2. Get working on those intervals: There are many benefits to interval training, like better endurance, stamina, and speed, not to mention increased fat burn, so if you haven't incorporated interval training into your routine, now's the time to start! Here are some interval workouts to get you started.
  3. Eat the right foods: Slow-burning protein keeps you feeling full, and not only that, but it increases your metabolic rate as well, since your body is working to digest all that nutritionally rich food. Whole grains and citrus fruits are other foods that rev up your body's fat-burning potential; check out more foods you should eat to increase your metabolism here.
  4. Eat at the right time: It's not just what you eat; it's when. Eating breakfast shortly after you wake up, for example, is one of the most important dietary practices you can follow when you want to up your metabolism. So make sure you eat breakfast as soon as possible, and eat at regular intervals to keep your metabolism revved up.

If you want to boost your metabolism, don't let yourself get too hungry — not only will you be more susceptible to your cravings, but also, more importantly, your metabolism will slow down to compensate for the lack of energy you're providing your body. While a little hunger can be good — it signals that your body is efficiently using up nutrient resources — forgetting to eat or otherwise taking too long between meals does the exact opposite to your metabolism than you want, so make sure to eat up!

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