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Ways to Measure Body Fat Percentage

Do You Keep Track of Your Body Fat Percentage?

calipers, body fat percentageThere are many ways to keep track of your health and weight loss efforts. Hopefully by now, we all know it's fat not lean muscle that we want to shed. And this makes the scale, which simply measures pounds, not the most effective way to keep track of your efforts. I do weigh myself, but my scale is not the only tool I use to keep on track. There is the low-cost jeans-method of monitoring your weight. As in: "It's hard to zip my jeans. Better lay off the Nutella."

I also have had my body fat measured the last couple of years by a trainer at Equinox. Using calipers, trainers measure skin folds in four places: the back of the arm (triceps area), two spots on abdomen, and in the middle of the thigh. I am pleased to say year over year, I am holding steady.

There are other ways to measure body fat percentage with hydrostatic underwater weighing being the most accurate. Although it's much more complicated, the procedure only costs about $50. Some people use fancy scales that measure not only pounds but the percentage of body fat with an electrical current.

If you're trying to lose weight this year, pay attention to this bit of data too.

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