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Ways to Prevent a Yeast Infection

5 Ways to Prevent a Yeast Infection

Ugh, a yeast infection has to be one of the worst things a woman has to deal with. If you've ever had one, you'll do anything to prevent it from happening again. Although a yeast infection vaccine is in the works, it's not yet available, so here are some ways to prevent this irritating problem before it starts.

  1. Don't hang out in wet bathing suits or sweaty undies. After a swim or workout, get out of those wet bottoms and into some dry undies that have a cotton crotch. Excessive moisture in that area can encourage yeast to grow.
  2. Avoid going on and off hormonal birth control. The fluctuations can mess with the pH of your lady business, so every time you go on and off, you're likely to experience a flair-up in yeast, causing an infection.

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  1. If you use personal lubricant when getting busy and are prone to yeast infections, avoid ones that contain glycerin. This ingredient is a sugary liquid, and since yeast feeds on sugar, you don't want that near your sensitive areas.
  2. Don't douche. Douching flushes away the natural bacteria and organisms known as your vaginal flora, which keep the pH in balance. A little gentle soap and warm water on your outer parts is all you need.
  3. Eat a diet low in sugar and high in live cultures and probiotics. Eating yogurt provides excellent protection from yeast infections, but if you're not a fan, you can take probiotic supplements instead.

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Join The Conversation
sparklestar sparklestar 7 years
Antibiotics give me yeast infections if I have to be on them too long. It's the only time I'll drink those probiotic yoghurt things.
Advah Advah 7 years
My friend and I were discussing this the other day, and we both found out that not wearing underwear during the night made a big difference - not sure if it's a coincidence or actually works, but I'll sure keep doing that!
cg130 cg130 7 years
I've never had one...hoping never to (probably wishful thinking). This is a good reminder for me not to sit around in my gym clothes when I get home (gross, I know).
Spectra Spectra 7 years
Absolutely the best way to prevent yeast is to eat a lot of probiotics and keep your vaginal area aired out so the good flora can survive. If the bacteria in your vagina aren't there, the yeast takes over. You can actually treat a yeast infection by putting plain yogurt in your vagina...I know it sounds insane, but it does actually work.
Antioxidant Antioxidant 7 years
Yep, antibiotics gave me the worst yeast infection I've ever had. I wish I had known so I could have fought back while taking the medicine. And apparently garlic helps fight yeast infections...
death-by-chocolat death-by-chocolat 7 years
Antibiotics can also do a number on you, so doctors often recommend that women taking antibiotics supplement their diet with more yogurts and probiotics to avoid yeast infections.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
The beasty yeasty has to be my all-time least favorite woman thing to have to deal with.
filmgirl81 filmgirl81 7 years
Yeah, I notice I get a yeast infection when I eat too much sugar.
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