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We all know that high heeled shoes are pretty, and pretty bad for your body. Yet, we all end up wearing them sometime or another - a big meeting, a wedding, or almost everyday.

Basically the height of the heel pushes the weight of the body forward which interferes with your balance. The body likes to be in equilibrium so many muscle groups work harder to maintain your balance and keep you upright. Much of this muscular work occurs in the lower back since the lumbar curve get exaggerated while wearing heels. This exaggeration in the the low part of the spine affects the hip flexors in the front of the body. Plus the poor overworking calves get tight too after a day in high heels.

Since I know many of you still wear heels daily especially with Fab tempting us almost daily with the new shoes of Spring. I wanted to show you all some stretches that can help a girl out after a day in heels - if I can't scare you out of wearing them, at least I can help you feel better after a day in them. So check these recuperative stretches out, there's 2 options for you to try for each tight body part.

Low Back Stretches Child's Pose
Squat in the shower

If you don't like to stretch in the shower, do this stretch on dry land.

There are two more body parts to stretch, so

The hip flexes the muscles that move your thigh bone toward your torso, can also get tight from wearing heels. You might feel the tightness when you try to stand up after sitting for long period of time, right where you legs start at the bottom of your torso.

Hip Flexor Stretches Lunge
Psoas Stretch with Roller

If you don't have a foam roller you can try this with a yoga bolster.

Because the heel is lifted by the increased height of the shoe the calves get tight too. They can become chronically tight from wearing heels regularly, so try these stretches on for size. You can also do a Downward Facing Dog.

Calf Stretches Hold up the Wall
Kiss the Wall

Fit's Tip: I say print these out and tape to the inside of your closet'll help remind you to lengthen those short and tired muscles.

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