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Wedding Day Workout

Most grooms participate in some sport or athletic activity (golf, soccer, football, etc) on the morning of their wedding day. This is how they ease the tension and I must say the grooms have it right - the name of the game here is stress relief, not last minute weight loss. Come the day of, or even weekend of, your wedding, hopefully you've already done your best from an exercise perspective and one last workout will not do much in terms of dropping pounds. However, what it may do is calm you down, especially if you're feeling any last minute stress or jitters.

The problem is that most brides do not have enough time to feed themselves the day of their wedding, let alone time to fit in a workout or group activity. However, if you have been working out on a regular basis for a year (or even six months) up until your big day, you've probably noticed that working out is a great stress reliever and mood booster -- Two things you might need at this point. So, think about trying and finding a way to fit it in with these three tips:

Stick to your routine: If your body is used to going on a two mile run every Saturday morning, then try to fit it in. Maybe you switch the run to a Friday morning, instead of Saturday, but I am sure you'll feel great when it's done and you'll be ready to hit the ground running (literally and figuratively). Invite your out-of-towner pals, or even get your husband-to-be (only on jogs the day before, that is), to join you. This is a great time to actually have a conversation with them/him before (or during) all the commotion that is your wedding weekend.

Yoga: Get all your maids together for a pre hair and make-up yoga session. Not only will you (and all your girls) feel great from getting a little workout in, you'll also feel more relaxed and ready for your close-ups.

Stretching: If you can find the time to fit in anything, at the very least, do a little stretching when you wake up the morning of your big day. Pay more attention to your lower body as most brides are on their feet (in high heels, might I add) the entire day of their wedding.


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