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Wedding Day Workout Tips

If you're a bride- or bridesmaid-to-be, chances are you've kicked up your diet and exercise routine a notch so you can look and feel picture-perfect for the big day. So when the special day arrives, there's no reason to say goodbye to your sports bra and sneakers. It'll feel good to move your body a little before slipping on your dress, so here are some tips to keep in mind when working out on the day of the wedding.

  • Definitely exercise, even if you only have a short amount of time. It'll help reduce prewedding jitters and give you energy to dance well into the night.
  • Eat before you exercise, preferably something that's high in protein but not high in fiber as it may add to the intestinal uneasiness you'll most likely be experiencing.

For the other tips


  • Now is not the day to try anything new and challenging like mountain biking or water skiing. You don't want to risk injuring yourself before walking down the aisle.
  • Don't push yourself too hard physically. Do something of moderate difficulty that you enjoy, like going for a jog on the beach or a bike ride around town. The purpose of this workout should be to get your heart pumping, but it should also calm your mind.
  • Include your bridesmaids and family in your prewedding workout. Many yoga instructors or other fitness experts will travel, so you can hire them to lead a group class. That way everyone will benefit from a little exercise, and you'll still be spending time together.
  • If you're at a place that has its own gym, definitely take advantage. If your husband-to-be wants to hit the gym too but you don't want to see each other until the big moment, have someone tell him what time you're planning on going.


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Anais18 Anais18 8 years
Thanks Fit, my childhood girlfriend is getting married tomorrow. I already am a fitness freak but I took it up a notch lately, so I'd look my most fantastic in the new backless gown I bought for her wedding. With that being said, I probably won't have time to exercise tomorrow, so I focused more on the days before and after the wedding :-)
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I remember waking up at 4am to go for a 5.5 mile run before my wedding. It helped ease my nerves and it definitely calmed me down before the big day. My bridesmaids did "The Firm" videos that day because they didn't want to run, so we all got sweaty that morning. Then we all showered and ate a nice light breakfast with lots of protein and drank green tea so we wouldn't get jittery.
cmd0610 cmd0610 8 years
I am an avid exercise fan and serious long distance runner- but even I took a day off exercise on my wedding day- I can't imagine when I would have found the time to exercise! I did have a few free moments on that day but it was after my hair was done and before getting dressed- not the best time to sweat ;). Interesting advice but not practical based on my experience. It's not even like I had to take care of organizational things on my wedding day- but I got my hair done early and I didn't want to wake up early to exercise because we had stayed up late at the rehearsal and I didn't want to get sleepy at our reception! On top of that- nothing would have stopped my pre-ceremony jitters!
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